Keyboard Controls

We designed Fortress Fiasco to be played with an Xbox controller. However, if you either don’t have a controller or you refuse to use one, you can play the game with the keyboard. Just keep note that keyboard controls are never mentioned in the game. Here are the controls:

During GamePlay:

  • Arrow Keys – Moves Player
  • Spacebar – Jumps
  • F – Punches
  • R – Uses Special Attack
  • Enter – Pauses Game

In the Main Menu

  • Up and Down Keys – Moves Selection
  • Enter – Triggers Selection

In the Game Over Screen

  • Enter – Restarts Level

In the Pause Screen

  • Esc – Quits Game
  • Enter – Resumes Game
  • Spacebar – Leave to the Main Menu

During the Intro Screens

  • Spacebar – Proceeds to next screen

How to force all new sounds to be 2D in Unity

While importing audio into the game, I came across an annoyance. Since we weren’t using 3D sounds in our game, I had to convert all audio to 2D sounds by unchecking “3D Sound” in the inspector. This is not too big of a deal with small sound effects, but with large music files, Unity ‘re-imports’ the audio file and can take a little while.

So if you’re making a game with Unity and for the most part your sounds will be 2D or you don’t want to waste time converting music to 2D, use this C# script. For it to work, you must name the script “Force2DSound” and put it in the Editor folder. If you don’t have an Editor folder, you’ll have to make one under the Assets folder (so it would be “/Assets/Editor/Force2DSound.cs”). The script looks like this:

using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;

public class Force2DSound : AssetPostprocessor

    public void OnPreprocessAudio()
        AudioImporter ai = assetImporter as AudioImporter;
        ai.threeD = false;

After making this script, just import some audio into the project. It should have “3D Sound” unchecked automatically. Enjoy.

[Update] It seems that if by chance you wanted a 3D sound and you checked “3D Sound” in the Inspector, it will enforce 2D sound. So now I only recommend you use this script if you only want 2D sounds. Delete this script once you want 3D sounds.


[Update 2] IMPORTANT: It seems this script doesn’t work properly in Unity 4.2. The imported sounds are labeled as not being 3D but when loaded into an AudioSource, it thinks they are 3D and plays them as 3D. I would NOT use this script anymore.


[Update 3] Changed OnPostprocessAudio() to OnPreprocessAudio() and removed the AudioSource parameter. Works again, but you will still need to delete this script if you want 3D sounds in your game.